Molecular Biology


1. DNA and its Replication

2. Transcription

  • RNA Polymerase (Role of RNA Polymerase in Transcription process)
  • Sigma factors and Transcription factors.
  • Transcription in  Prokaryotes.
  • Transcription in Eukaryotes.

3. Genetic Code

  • Rules Governing Genetic Code (Discovery and the concept of Wobble hypothesis and other rules that govern Genetic code)
  • Properties of Genetic Code

4. RNA Processing

  • RNA Splicing (Introduction to RNA splicing and Splicing pathways)
  • Self splicing introns
  • Exon Shuffling
  • RNA Editing

5. Translation

  • Components of Translational Machinery
  • Translation process in prokaryotes
  • Translation process in Eukaryotes
  • Translation dependent regulation of mRNA

6. Replication error and Repair

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